Inner peace – what's it?

Some people describe inner peace using words like "inner balance", "lightness", "harmony", "love", "happiness", "tranquillity", "light heartedness", "slowing down" or even "silence".

If we feel inner peace, then

- We experience a sense of gratitude 

- We feel connected to others

- It is easy for us to laugh 

- We trust that there is an answer for every problem.

Eckhart Tolle once said: A fleeting sensation of love and joy or a brief moment of deep happiness is possible whenever there is a gap in our thought processes. For most people these gaps are rare and occur randomly in moments when the mind is “speechless”, which sometimes happens in response to extreme beauty, exceptional physical effort or even immense danger. (Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now).

Photography is also related to the present moment. It requires an immense amount of attentiveness and concentration (just like meditation) and can help one achieve a condition of inner peace (sometimes at first this is only for a brief period).

Try it out! Take up the practice of photographic meditation; try to experience the here and now through photography. Check out my portfolio and form your own first impression of a little bit of inner peace.

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